Guild Leaders Displays

On Sunday 20th August, FOA GUILD LEADERS put on a showcase display for each class. Each Leader had a selection of armour, costume requirements, and their newly created Support guides to support our newest members, those wishing to start a new character or those looking to improve their kit. 

Since 2018, our Guild Leaders were appointed to their position by the committee in recognition to their contribution for their chosen class. Their primary roles are:

1. Facilitate training (under the direction of the committee). This includes:

o Weapons available to the class tree

o Shields available to the class tree

o Class tree abilities

o Weapon combinations available to the class tree

  • Assist guild members in learning and perfecting skills associated with the guild.
  • Provide advice for guild members in building their kit where requested.
  • Drive and role model a positive culture within the guild which is consistent with the positive culture of the game.
  • Facilitate and encourage constructive feedback to the committee regarding elements of the game, in particular game rules that impact on the guild.
If you were unable to attend the displays and talk to the leader or your guild, have a talk with them at your next game to get some expert advice. These leaders are your first port of call for all information pertaining to your chosen class.

Skirmisher Guild Showcase Display Liam McKerrow

Mage Guild Showcase Display

Claude Hugwell

Fighter Guild Showcase Display

Joshua Ewen and Alistair Fisher

Sacred Guild Showcase Display

James Cameron

Black Powder Showcase Display

Lance Holland

Mage Hunter Guild Showcase Display

Joshua Ewen