Generations ago the Island once known as Ashnoor was a peaceful place ruled under one benevolent rule.

But the peace would not last. With the death of their beloved ruler two powerful factions emerged each believing their claim for the vacant crown and the fabled city of Aringale to be just. Great battles were waged and the loss of life brought both forces to their knees. But they were not the only power that desired the city or Aringale. A evil force from the north seized the city and it surrounding land, driving the warring factions south to relative safety.

Only now have the Kingdom of Geldheim and the Hadovean Empire rebuilt their strength enough to turn their eyes to expansion of their lands. Blaming each other for the lost of Aringale their hatred of each other runs deep as they seek to destroy the other as punishment for their perceived crimes, blinding them against all other alternatives. So once again they wage battle within the fields of Ashnoor.

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