As a community group, we are extremely lucky to have a generous community that volunteers their time to help run our weekly games at Ashnoor.

Below are our Community Leaders

Committee Members (inc Oversight Portfolios)

Kimberly Grinsell (President)

3rd Party Agreements, Committee Operations, Ashnoor Policy

Teresa Holland (Secretary)

3rd Party Agreements, Record Keeping & Document storage, Events, First Aid & Safety

Shani White (Treasurer)

Events, Social Media & Online Presence, Trainers, Club Expenses and Purchases

Dean Sinclair

GMs, House Leaders

Keisha Sutherland

Events, Community Engagement, Social Media & Online Presence,  Club Expenses and Purchases, Grounds & Equipment

Safety Officers

Jamie Betts (Lead), Trent Trowbridge

First Aid Officers

Jamie Betts (Lead), Josh Ewen, Samantha Blackburn, Teresa Holland

Community Engagement Team

Jamie Betts, Lance Holland, Matt Macleod, Eleana Jacobs, Trent Trowbridge

Trainers & Weapons and Equipment Inspectors (Guild Leaders)

Simon Turner (Lead), Alistair Fisher (Fighters), Dean Sinclair (Sacred), Josh Ewen (Mages Guild), Lance Holland (Black Powder),  Trent Trowbridge (Skirmish)

House Leaders

Charles Knox (Lord Callingber’s Heavy Dragoons), Lance Holland (The Red Company), Sam Gannaway (Ravin Clan), Trent Trowbridge (House of Smith)

Game Masters (GM)

Josh Ewen (Lead), Dean Sinclair (Campaign GM), Alistair Fisher, Matt Macleod, Sam Gannaway, Trent Trowbridge, Wayne Dingle


Kipling Kear (Lead),  Wayne Dingle (Map Cartographer)

IT/ Website / Database Support

Jamie Betts,  Wayne Dingle

Social Media and Online Presence

Kiesha Sutherland, Shani White

Grounds & Equipment Officer

Alistair Fisher

Members Officer

Wayne Dingle