LARP United 2nd June 2019 Review by Berry LARP

So what you’re about to read, are the accounts of an event I did not think would be possible, 3 major larp groups had come together Battlecry, Fields of Ashnoor, and Swordcraft Newcastle out of love of the game, and wanting to make connections and new found friendships that would last a long time.

The day had came, new armours had been made, while players met up with friends, a road trip would be set upon, in my car was Robert, Jaiden, Ryan, Archer, and myself, we started the trip at Roberts place, as he picked me up from his near by train station we drove to Archers. The trip was filled with laughs, discussions of shows, camps, and games that we had all been part of, seen, or played with some awesome tunes to throw in, five mates going to an event that we’d never thought we’d go to, a meeting of 3 larps, now dubbed #larpunited

When we arrived at Morriset we first said “holly sh!t, there’s a tank” then noticing our friends we quickly parked and kitted up. We noticed on lookers noticed the tank as well and were waiting to see what was going on. We quickly walked down to sign in and get the day started.

As we saw mates from other larps, old and fond memories and tales of what happened started to be chatted about, laughter and in game threats of characters killing other characters came around (don’t worry ig threats are nothing to be taken serious as no one really gets hurt) as hugs were hugged, hands were shaked, and people were introduced to one and other, all 3 groups KNEW this was going to be a good day.

First game was a hunt, we were all split up into new groups so that we could meet new players and make new friendships which was a good way to bond with others. But the first wasn’t so easy, we had to go up against the other 2 factions……and a tank, that’s right a tank. So while I had grabbed enough balls, I noticed some of the players were able to do spells, so while I distracted the tank, it gave the spell casters to try and take the tank out, not sure if this was successful or not but it was fun.
But it didn’t quite stop there they threw in an item that was quite a power changer, a god helm. This hem gave you huge hp boost, but when the respawn whistle blew, your time was up and you died, so taking the risk of wearing it meant you knew what would come of it.

Second game, battle to see whom would come out on top, while this game was happening we also had a cannon firing at us! So while I was protecting the healer as much as I could as we only had the one healer, I did try to run out and take down some of my opponents (at this point I have to mention that Des of swordcraft Newcastle and I had some in character dialect of towards each other, and it was awesome to do so with him). In the end our healer got annoyed that because I’m a barbarian and have resistance to magic, spells don’t do the desired affect, so while a person only needs 2 spells to reheal a normal player to full health, for me it’s like saying the same spell 5 times to get me to full health, very annoying if you’re a healer lol.

The last game was kill the king, an awesome game to play, with limitations on the teams that when their king is dead.

Over all, this event was brilliant, 3 larps all together in one location, next time it’ll be moved but to where, who knows! But I can’t wait for it #larpunited was started and it had made people connect to others, made new friends, and a lot of memories.

This review was written by: Berry LARP

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