Welcome to Battlecry – Fields of Ashnoor.

Battlecry – Fields of Ashnoor is a medieval Live Action Battle Game and LARP where players fight with reinforced, realistic looking foam rubber weapons and padded arrows! Think of it as paintball/laser tag meets medieval/fantasy battle (with a hint of cosplay). Have you ever wanted to fight in a medieval battle, Lord of the Rings, Vikings, or Game of Thrones? Then join the battle and enter the fray in the fields of Ashnoor!

Battlecry – Fields of Ashnoor is owned and operated by Central Coast LARP Incorporated (Established 03 July 2018).

OUR EMAIL: info@fieldsofashnoor.com.au

OUR FACEBOOK GROUP :  Battlecry – Fields of Ashnoor


Game Fee: $10

Sword Hire: $3

Shield Hire: $3

Sword and Shield Hire: $5

Our regular battle games are held every Sunday at:

Auston Oval. 113A Dora St, Morisset NSW 2264

1pm to 5pm